Mission Viejo Network Security Monitoring and IT Management Consulting

Mission Viejo is known as one of the safest places in the United States. With beautifully planted neighborhoods and friendly faces it might be difficult to remember that cyber based crimes can still occur here. It should be noted that the city itself offers a master planned community with many talented native workers and a fast tracked permit system staffed with friendly clerks. To top it off there are no business license fees to open a business in the city limits. Mid-size businesses just need to hire a Mission Viejo network management provider for 24/7 IT security.

No matter how talented the general workforce is, businesses often struggle with retaining their own IT staff. Generally the constraints are budget related: too much work for the limited staffing that can be afforded. They deal with constant change in technology that requires constant training to stay on top of the game. Few businesses can afford it, and those that try often fail. There is a great solution to this problem. Many companies have sprung up offering only IT network security services.

Alvaka is a premier Mission Viejo network management provider. This is the core of the business that they do, Mid-size companies will find a range of services and packages that fit whatever IT budget they have. Take a look at some of their individual services:

  • DrWorx: This is a network-attached storage device designed to work with Windows Servers. It contains backup, recovery, and virtualization software that plays a key roll in protecting business data. It can be used to make an existing tape backup more robust or completely replace it. It has near-term, near-line recovery ability from single files, full databases, mail, and complete production servers alike.
  • MailWorx: A hosted antispam and optional anti-virus email filter that screens incoming mail before it hits your inbox. MailWorx is Internet based and works with all SMTP based mail servers.
  • FireWorx: As a critical line of defense against Internet Security threats you rely on the firewall to protect your network. FireWorx is managed behind the scene so you never have to deal with security issues. It works with SonicWALL, Cisco PIX, Netscreen, Watchguard, Checkpoint, Netgear, Barracuda, Zywall, Lucent, among others.
  • PatchWorx: Worms, hacks, spyware, and malware today often rely on holes in programming that has been patched. PatchWorx is the tool that can centralize patching everything from operating systems to network programming for all the machines on your network at a simple fixed rate.
  • StaffWorx: Alvaka provides enhanced IT support using domestic workers from the western United States. We offer IT network security services in five different levels of service to help you get exactly what you need to run your business.

Mission Viejo IT and Network Management Services

The difference between success and failure in modern business is IT support. Having complete network security, monitoring, and maintenance that fits with your budget is critical. Getting all the services you need for success as you need it requires a Mission Viejo network management provider like Alvaka.