Orange County Network Security Management and IT Monitoring Solutions

According to statistics Orange County's economy will continue to grow rapidly throughout 2014 and 2015, as the region witnessed higher job growth rates last year than originally expected. Recent data from California's Employment Development Department showed that Orange County had 35,200 new jobs in 2013, an increase of 2.6 percent on an annual basis.

IT Network Security Services: Does Your Company Need Them?

Orange County businesses are flourishing and many companies are embracing new technology. The introduction of innovative software and control systems provides new opportunities but it is also connected to security risks. This is why working with an Orange County network management provider has become very important.

Many small and medium-sized companies lack the financial resources to hire IT professionals. There are reliable solutions for such businesses that can increase the integrity of IT systems and bring down the risk of a security breach. Outsourcing is one of the best possibilities but its success will depend on finding and hiring the right professionals for the job.

What can an Orange County Network Management Provider do for Your Business?

The Orange County network management provider offers IT network security services designed to address a multitude of threats. A combination of technologies must be implemented to successfully protect the corporate network from data theft, hacker attacks, Trojan horses and malware.

In order to protect your corporate network, you must work with a professional addressing all weak points like mail, firewalls and server configurations. The majority of reliable network management providers in Orange County are using specialized hardware and software solutions like:

  • DrWorx: this is a very important, network-based storage device for backup, replication and disaster recovery. Unpredictable server issues can disrupt the work process severely, especially if essential data gets lost.
  • MailWorx: a smart antispam filter that successfully prevents spam and malware from entering the network.
  • FireWorx: 24/7 expert firewall configuration, troubleshooting and management supporting security appliances.
  • PatchWorx: this solution offers reliable patch management technology to ensure continuous patch implementation.
  • StaffWorx: 24/7 expert IT infrastructure support.

Benefits of Working with IT Management Professionals

A vulnerable IT network can turn into a major problem for any company, regardless of size and industry. IT management and security are no longer optional – they can prevent serious problems from occurring and interfering with workflow and the protection of sensitive data.

Outsourcing network management and administration is an affordable way to ensure sufficient network security and comply with the existing data protection regulations. You will certainly find at least one Orange County network management provider that can deliver high quality services at affordable prices. The fate of your business will be determined by decisions you make in terms of increasing security and making the system impenetrable.