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Join Alvaka Networks at our Ransomware 2.0 Executive Luncheon and Live Webinar event on Tuesday, June 25th, as we discuss how ransomware is evolving into an even more dangerous threat and innovative strategies that will help prevent an attack.

In recent years, cybercrime has changed drastically. While viruses and bugs are still popular, ransomware is now the most dangerous threat. Imagine a bank robber that discovers a way to get the bank to send all of their funds over the internet with no way to trace it back to the robber. This is how ransomware works. The criminals steal valuable information and data and stick them into a combination that only they know the combination to, then ransom off the combination. It is that simple…And it could ruin your company!

More recently, ransomware attacks have developed into a more sophisticated model. Instead of the fairly traditional automated attack, attackers are able to customize ransoms based on specific information of your business. We have therefore entered into a new, even more malicious, era for ransomware that is hitting mid-market companies particularly hard.

What is different about this new era of Ransomware?

These modern criminals are both smart and patient. They bide their time well learning about the victim’s network. These attacks are not executed blindly using software scripts, where grandma’s system is priced the same as the Fortune 500 company.

Once the inventory is complete, they price out the ransom much like a legitimate software vendor, cloud provider, or other IT vendor would do. It appears that ransom pricing is now based upon the number of servers, apps, PCs, storage, etc.

Finally, they plan the strike, more often at a time when the company is most vulnerable—during a holiday week or weekend. This allows the encryption process plenty of time to complete when no one is watching. Cue in on the need for system monitoring services here. Victims are caught completely flat-footed and without available IT resources, with increased pressure to pay the ransom.

Developing complete IT security and disaster recovery plans takes time, knowledge, preparation and budget. If you have not given much thought to this process, you are just a victim waiting to happen. During this luncheon, we will provide you with some valuable insight on how you can protect yourself and your company. Plus, lunch is free!

*This is both an in-person and webinar event. Please indicate if you will be attending in person or via webinar in the “Notes” section of the registration form. Webinar information will be provided as the event approaches.


Check out this video from our CEO, Oli Thordarson, with tips on how to protect your employees from ransomware.