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To Pay or Not to Pay: Modern Ransomware & Cyber Extortion Gangs

Join Alvaka Networks’ COO & CISO, Kevin McDonald, as he delivers a Merage Talk (live and recorded for future viewing) on May 3rd, 2021 at 10 am Pacific. Kevin will share how ransomware and extortion gangs are devastating schools, businesses and governments of all sizes. He will discuss the risk to critical infrastructure and other life sustaining systems, and the actions we must take protect our communities.

For more details and link to access, please visit event page at Merage Institute’s Live Talks.


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About Kevin McDonald

COO & CISO, Alvaka Networks

Kevin has been with Alvaka for nearly two decades. He is a highly trusted personal and cyber security advisor. He supports executives, legislators, law enforcement, high net worth individuals and other business leaders. Kevin advises on business, personal, physical and cyber security, enterprise technology, and public policy. He is a sought-after consultant, trainer and public speaker. Kevin has invested more than two decades defending individuals and businesses from crime with a special emphasis on digital factors. He is an award-winning technology industry, cyber security and children’s safety and public policy advocate. He has presented to and trained thousands of tech professionals, senior executives and their families, members of law enforcement and elite military and Executive Protection professionals. Kevin has written for and/or been interviewed by dozens of publications and television, radio and other digital outlets.

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