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Oli Thordarson

Oli Thordarson

Meet Our CEO

The secret for success at Alvaka Networks is IP. I am not referring to Internet Protocol. I am referring to “Innovation and People”. As a recognized market leader and pioneering IT managed services provider, our success hinges on our ability to innovate new ideas and continue our investment in the right people. At Alvaka Networks, we have created a culture that aligns the cross hairs of Innovation and People with the needs of the companies that we do business with every day. We are acutely aware that it takes careful alignment to earn the privilege of living our core company values. That is, “To provide our clients leadership, and to earn their trust and confidence.” Only when we have earned this privilege, can we be true to our other company values and achieve our goals. Most people associate innovation with successful product development-oriented companies. At Alvaka Networks, we believe that in the rapidly changing computing industry, services and consulting companies must also innovate to best serve clients and maintain a competitive edge. Our unique service products, like our award-winning AlvakaNet services, coupled with our unique processes and unwavering ethics, provide our clients with the confidence that they will receive the best available solutions.

I can speak a great deal about our people. I am proud of them all. Alvaka Networks' staff works hard to carefully choose the best people for each position. At times this means we may go longer without filling a position so that we can get just the right person, but it is well worth the wait. We have a great company culture at Alvaka Networks, because of our people. Nobody here wants to jeopardize that. I find it difficult to articulate fully, but some of those working for me, tell me that Alvaka Networks is more like family than a place to work. This family atmosphere produces a lot of valuable outcomes.

The secret for success at Alvaka Networks is IP. I am not referring to Internet Protocol. I am referring to Innovation and People
— Oli Thordarson

Our people are happy and rewarded in their work. I work hard at achieving this result. Turnover is expensive, not only for us, but for you too. How many times have you felt that you had finally found someone that you can trust and rely upon, only to be disappointed when this valued person moves on? This forces you to start all over in finding that perfect fit. At Alvaka Networks, we don't appreciate when that happens either. Clients have told us in focus groups and interviews that “Alvaka’s people work hard and get the job done.” and that “They don’t fumble around and jabber with our staff.” That is because we recognize that doing so wastes time and money. Alvaka Networks’ engineers and consultants have earned a reputation for being knowledgeable, straightforward and hardworking. This is no accident. I am a firm believer in aligning compensation systems tightly with the desired results. We expect a great deal from our people. From this compensation system, we produce exemplary results from our personnel. Alvaka Networks is at the top of the market curve for productivity and customer service in our industry. Our staff members are fulfilled by the challenges and opportunities that they experience, and it shows in their work.

Another one of our company values is to help our employees grow to be more than they ever thought they could be. This is one of the most intangible and difficult values for me to measure. I have asked myself frequently, “How do I really know if we are achieving this goal?” My best measures are staff turnover, promotions and growth in personal compensation. If the employees are working to move up, and staying with the company, they must be feeling personally rewarded. Personal reward is usually not found in compensation alone, but professional growth too. I have found that most computer industry professionals want to be constantly challenged by learning new things. I provide that for them at Alvaka Networks. I believe that if year-after-year our people are not becoming more indispensable to Alvaka Networks, and our clients, they must not be growing. By being committed to our employee's success, I earn the privilege to ask for commitment back. I think this immutable value was lost in the 90's and continues to fade as we progress into the new millennium. It is not old-fashioned; it’s just good business to believe that mutual respect and commitment are what makes for good relationships at work and with clients. From this perspective, it’s all pretty simple for us at Alvaka Networks, and we believe this shines through every day with our clients too.