Ransomware Recovery

Recovering from a ransomware attack requires different disciplines to be executed effectively and efficiently, and the most important factor is having an experienced, and well-coordinated team of experts who utilize proven tools and techniques.


Rapid Response & Recovery Services

With vast experience and continuously refined toolsets and processes, our response and recovery team is uniquely qualified to assist organizations in their ransomware recovery efforts. Our comprehensive process starts with communicating what to expect in the recovery process and providing guidance and support in each step to minimize the damage and downtime incurred.

We not only figure out the best method to recover your information, but we also find out how the breach was made and apply the proper techniques to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Our ransomware recovery services include:

  • Our Ransomware R.E.S.C.U.E. Kit is a powerful device that helps to rapidly and efficiently recover and rebuild servers and workstations infected by ransomware
  • Support provided to both insured and uninsured victims
  • Ejecting the threat actor and executing on a proven containment list
  • Complete system overhaul to ensure no remnants of ransomware or threat actor access are present
  • Facilitating the decryption of systems in isolated and networked environments
  • Remediating and blocking of vulnerabilities on endpoints
  • Gathering of forensic information
  • Implementation of extra security layers, like two-factor authentication and network segmentation
  • Assisting in the creation and implementation of a cybersecurity plan to defend against future attacks

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