Ransomware Calculator

The below calculator will provide you with an estimate of your cost of recovering from a ransomware attack. The questions are designed to frame the circumstances around your specific attack and company details. Though we have included the most important variables within the calculator, there may be some others that could impact your total costs. We have broken down costs into several parts, from just getting minimal critical functions back online to most (but not all) other vital systems online. Full clean-up, remediation and hardening of the network is not within the scope of this cost estimator. Recovering from a ransomware attack is costly and stressful, but Alvaka hopes to provide you with the information and tools possible so that you can be prepared for what to expect.

If you are fortunate to not have been a victim of ransomware, this calculator can still serve as a tool to show costs of a potential attack and justify to your management team the benefits of investing further into cybersecurity. Read our “Reduce the Risk of Ransomware & Other Cyber Attacks” blog for a list of steps you can take to better protect your company.

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