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Alvaka Patchworx℠ is an Advanced Patch Management Solution for managed networks and controlled IT Infrastructures.
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Besides the human factor, the top security threat facing companies today is un-patched systems! We offer a fixed cost, advanced system for patching your computers.

Realize the power of our Patchworx℠ Advanced Patch Management Solution!

Why Patchworx?

Achieve Patch Compliance Assurance

Patchworx supported machines are inventoried by checking for Patch implementation, actually verifying the patch was properly installed. This means no false positives with our patching software like you get with Windows Update!

Mobile-User Enabled

Another major security threat is that seldom utilized laptop that does not get updated. With Patchworx, this problem is eliminated through advanced agent technology.

Built-in Security for Secure Download

An agent is installed on the machine and it “dials home” as outbound traffic to receive any needed patches. We don’t need a constant line into your network to deliver Patchworx!

Built-in Desktop Hardware and Software Inventory

Upon request, we can generate inventory reports of hardware and software on each machine covered by Patchworx. These reports can help to ensure that each machine is receiving appropriate patches, and can be generated for your own inventory uses. This is a great way to spot rouge applications and to assist you in BSA/License compliance.

And End-Users Can’t Mess With It!

End-users cannot stop, interrupt, or cancel the service from their local desktop. This ensures that the system is getting patched.

Our software patching as a service keeps your system competitive with other technologies, giving your end-users more capabilities. It also keeps your programs communicating correctly with new operating systems, servers, hardware, and other software while guarding and blocking against new cyber viruses entering a network and propagating.

Leveraging our years of understanding and experience in this domain, we render highly effective patch management as a service that ensures that your systems, databases, and applications are up to date with the latest features, functionality, and security. Our panel of experts also ensures that your applications, databases, and systems are up to date with new capabilities offered by application or OS vendors, which results in significantly improved employee productivity. It also results in organization security and compliance posture.

Our highly effective vulnerability management as a service gives you back control and peace of mind through scale service structure that seamlessly adapts to changes in your environment. We provide complete visibility of vulnerabilities in your applications and network. Under these services, our experts provide prioritized to-do lists that you can put to action straight away.

Unpatched Systems Are Still A Top Threat!

The majority of security threats companies face today; worms, hacks, many types of spyware and other malware utilize some unchecked vulnerability in the Operating System to get network access. Patches fix the “holes” in the code. Patching software is the first and a very important step in securing a system and keeping it healthy. However, many of the patching tactics utilized are inefficient, inconstant and ultimately inadequate. This leads to unpatched, and therefore, unsecured systems. It only takes one vulnerable machine to take down an entire network! We offer a fixed cost, advanced system for patching your network.

Key Points

• Makes patching OUR problem

• Achieve consistent patch compliance

• Mobile-User enabled

• Secure Download assurance

• Built-in desktop hardware and software inventory

• And end-users can’t mess with it!

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