Alvaka’s Ransomware Solutions are designed to protect your company from an attack on your systems, and to assist in recovery when necessary.
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Response for Emergency Security & Comprehensive Utilities for Engineering

Alvaka’s Ransomware RESCUE Kit is a device that helps to rapidly and efficiently recover and rebuild servers and workstations infected by ransomware.

Ransomware RESCUE Kit Powered by NetSecure

Alvaka’s Ransomware RESCUE Kit (Response for Emergency Security and Comprehensive Utilities for Engineering) is a powerful ransomware recovery device that contains the tools needed to rapidly and efficiently recover and rebuild servers and workstations that have been victimized by ransomware. The first device of its kind, the Alvaka Ransomware RESCUE Kit provides engineers with powerful tools they need to comprehensively eject threat actors from your ransomed environment.

The RESCUE Kit device also includes many of Alvaka’s most popular platforms, including: DRworx, which gives our engineers the ability to backup servers and configurations in the event the clients systems are inoperable; and Patchworx, which allows our engineers to quickly and efficiently patch servers and workstations from the latest vulnerabilities; and AVworx, up-to-date and managed antivirus as a service to always stay current on protection.

The device is about the size of four decks of cards. In the case of an emergency, we will overnight the RESCUE Kit to your location.

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