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The Best Ransomware Removal Service & Companies

Ransomware removal requires different disciplines to be done both quickly and effectively. If you are a larger company that has fallen victim to ransomware, your best path forward for top protection of your brand and a fast return to full operation, will require a good cyber breach lawyer and a well-coordinated team of service providers. Below we list leading ransomware removal services.

The table below lists several companies with focuses on ransomware recovery specialties. Some firms are staffed  with ransomware removal experts to respond in the middle of the night, on weekends and holidays. Others only respond during normal business hours. Some are only staffed with US-based personnel, while others utilize primarily contractors and offshore personnel for their ransomware removal company.

No one single ransomware removal consulting company is likely to get you a full stack of recovery services, although some come close. Smaller companies are best served by a smaller provider that performs the full stack of services. Their rates are a bit less and fit better for the Return on Investment you need as a smaller ransomware victim. If you are a larger firm, some of these firms do a good job of teaming together to provide a much higher level of expertise in each category that will pay dividends. If you talk to an experienced provider with whom you are comfortable and confident, they will usually inform you when it is time to bring in another provider that is highly skilled in one of the needed disciplines they may not specialize in.

Leading Ransomware Recovery Services

The ransomware recovery service companies below fall into three primary specialty areas:

1. Ransomware Negotiation/Decryption

2. Incident Response/Containment

3. Ransomware Recovery/IT System Rebuilding and Recovery

The following table will help you decide which firm is your best fit depending on the specific services you are looking for. As you can see, there are many capabilities to look for when selecting the right response team. Alvaka checks most of these boxes, and having been intimately involved and experienced in many recovery processes, we know the best companies to bring in to support in the areas we don’t necessarily focus on. The companies included are: Arete, Coveware, CrowdStrike, MOXFIVE, Alvaka, and IT Simplified. The table is also available for pdf download if needed.

comparison table with recovery services companies
comparison table with recovery services companies

What You Can Expect from Alvaka

An important variable that can impact your ransomware recovery efforts is the variant of ransomware you have been hit with. This could potentially inform your decision making when choosing the right recovery services company. New ransomware variants continue to arise on a regular basis, but you can see a list of some of the most common ones HERE.

Although the above information is meant to help in a ransomware recovery situation, it is always a good idea to take proactive steps to prevent an attack. In order to assist you in this effort, we have created a ransomware resource page that includes top questions about ransomware, blogs, videos and more.

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