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The Information Ransomware Victims Need to Know

My company had been hit with ransomware. What can we expect during a ransomware recovery situation?

Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly common, and whether you are a small, medium, or large company, you are a target. If you have been an unfortunate victim of a ransomware attack, you are likely overwhelmed and wondering what the next steps are. We have been involved in many recovery efforts and have outlined what our clients experience as the most common and important steps when recovering from a ransomware attack.

The process will be lengthy, expensive, and stressful but putting together a well-rounded recovery and response team will be invaluable. In the initial stages, engage a lawyer and find out what insurance covers. Have your response team assess the current situation (identify type of ransomware and damages) and start collecting forensic data. Decide if you will pay the ransom and/or if you will hire a negotiator that specializes in ransomware. Keep the attack confidential while you lay out your plan…continue to review the plan with your team…and then execute with vigor. You will then need to develop and implement a cybersecurity strategy moving forward and make this a consistent part of your overall business strategy. To read a more detailed explanation of the steps, click HERE.

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