Advanced Computer Network Services

and IT Management Solutions

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Managed Costs

Consistent and comprehensive support at a more predictable cost.

Simplified HR

Reduced burden of recruiting, training and retraining.

Proven Expertise

We are leveraged by many vendors to resolve long standing client issues.


Our very existence is dependent on delivering the results that we promise.

24/7 NOC
Assistance & Support

Relieve after-hours staff recruiting & burnout

System Monitoring, Alerts & Remediation

Increase system performance and uptime

Patch & Vulnerability Management

Protect systems from compromise

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Recover from Ransomware and system failures

DFARS 252-204-7012 Compliance

Meet DOD deadlines and protect contracts

Organizations struggle with hiring and retaining Information Technology (IT) personnel. Many clients tell us that before working with Alvaka, they found it difficult to get a good return on their IT staff investment.

They were challenged by employee overhead, a constant need for training and having a single point of failure. They all face increasingly complex technology, massive increases in government regulations, and advanced competition. We have shown that getting professional support and advice from Alvaka makes the difference between success and failure.

We act as executive liaisons and technical advisors to clients of many sizes and complexity. We are confident that we can help you too. We can assist you in taking advantage of the technology value chain and simplifying the day-to-day management of even the most sophisticated systems. We will be there when you need strategic consultation, day-to-day technical support and during those occasional radical changes caused by growth and periods of economic uncertainty.

Alvaka's Family of Network Management Services


Network Monitoring

AlvakaNet℠, Advanced Network Management is much more than simple systems and application monitoring. It is a suite of proactive network management solutions that is provided by the best, brightest, and most experienced AlvakaNOC engineers around.


Managed Firewall Support

Managing firewalls just got smarter! With Alvaka’s FireWorx℠ solution for security appliances, you get a “Best of Breed” firewall coupled with a “Best of Breed” management service. Out-of-sight and out-of-mind because we watch over it, 24x7x365.


Backup and Disaster Restore

DRworx is a powerful backup solution for Windows Servers that comes preloaded with all backup, recovery and virtualization software you need to recover files or servers in the event of an emergency.


Monthly Software Security Patching

Besides the human factor, the top security threat facing companies today is un-patched systems! We offer a fixed cost, advanced system for patching your computers. Realize the power of our PatchWorx℠ Advanced Patch Management Solution!


Monthly Onsite Service

The core purpose of NetPlan™ is to guide our customers in obtaining the most from their IT investment. We continually watch to ensure that IT objectives are aligned with company goals, and that network investments are generating positive ROI.


Spam Filtering and Malware Blocking

MailWorx℠, Advanced email security is a combination of enterprise level solutions that push your first level of defense against unwanted and/or potentially harmful emails and attachments outside your firewall! From anti-spam and anti-malware, to encryption and content control, MailWorx℠ can provide the piece-of-mind that you need, when you send or receive email.


Cyber Security Services

NetSecure™ Security Assurance is a suite of Alvaka’s information security and regulatory compliance services that were designed by our CISSP and CHPSE certified, field proven consultants.


Full and Part-time Staff Augmentation

While many confuse “Domestic Outsourcing” with international off-shoring or shipping US jobs overseas, at Alvaka, we are actually doing the opposite. We are not only providing enhanced IT support in the form of consulting, and staff augmentation for American companies, we are delivering services in many countries, using American talent, based right here in the western US.

With Alvaka You Get:


Managed Costs

Far more consistent and comprehensive support than your typical reactive T&M model at a more predictable cost, with a greatly expanded depth of talent and results.


Simplified HR

Reduced burden of recruiting, retaining, and training additional full-time staff to meet growth, fill vacant seats or match skills to changes in your technology environment.


Improved Uptime

Significantly minimized network downtime, and lost productivity, inherently associated with poorly managed or under supported networks.


Professional Project Implementation

Our engineers and consultants provide a comprehensive process for planning and implementing projects on spec, on time and on budget.


Applicable Experience

Get the results of a large staff, without the headache or the cost. Our engineers experience a vast variety of challenges and solutions in their day-to-day work and this expanded exposure can benefit you.


Increase Resources & Lower Risk

Gain the benefits of a greatly expanded intellectual talent pool, including engineering, compliance, security, troubleshooting, planning, product support, purchasing assistance and more.


Reduced Cost of Turnover

Reduce the risk associated with illness, termination of employees and lost intellectual capital.


Greatly Increased Accountability

Unlike internal staff, we get paid for results, and only succeed if you succeed. Our very existence is dependent on delivering the results that we promise.


Improved Adaptability

The AlvakaNet strategy provides the flexibility that today’s business environment requires. We make the adjustments in the talent, tools and disciplines required, while you go on about the business of succeeding.


Proven Expertise

We are called upon by many of America’s leading vendors, as beta testers and critical reviewers of new technologies, before they are released to other service providers or clients. In fact, we are leveraged by many vendors to resolve long standing client issues that the vendors and their partner network are unable to resolve.


We Are Microsoft Silver Partners

We are authorized by HP, Dell, Trend Micro, VMWare, Symantec, Sonicwall, and others. We can support most vendor lines, and if we don’t have a particular talent on the bench, we will be responsible for obtaining that talent or working with the talent of your choice.

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