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1501, 2021

Cybersecurity Trends to Watch for in 2021

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In the wake of the recent and widespread SolarWinds attack that compromised U.S. government agencies, as well as the increase in cyber activity across all industries and organizations, CompTIA has established an Cybersecurity Advisory Council that aims to provide cybersecurity [...]

801, 2021

Does Your Firm Qualify for Cyber Breach Insurance?

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And if your firm buys cyber breach insurance, will the insurance pay? There are many stipulations in regards to qualifying for cyber breach insurance. Most insurance companies require you to affirm a Statement of Fact and Fraud Warning. When [...]

2312, 2020

How Much is a Typical Ransomware Ransom?

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Since each ransom attack varies so much, it is tough to answer what exactly the typical ransomware payment is. It is also difficult to pinpoint the exact number of ransomware gangs that are active, but it is certainly a large amount.

2312, 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Cyber Breach Insurance

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In August of 2018, I shared an opinion about the value of cyber breach insurance. I was not very fond of it, at least not at the time given the typical insurance company terms vs. the typical cost of the risk at the time. Here is that opinion – Should I buy cyber insurance? 

1311, 2020

[Podcast] Steps to Minimize Ransomware Risk

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Last month, Alvaka COO and CISO, Kevin McDonald, sat down with the Miles Jobgen of the CompTIA Biz Tech Podcast to share his experiences with rescuing and restoring clients from ransomware—the most dangerous threat to IT solution providers today. He [...]

2910, 2020

Corporate Survival – The Ultimate Cybersecurity ROI

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The following is a guest blog written by Ciaran Foley of XeneX. Ciaran discusses the current and future state of cybersecurity, including the big business of enterprise-scale ransomware operations. As a Corporate Executive or Board Member, you may never have [...]