Dedicated Network Management and Monitoring Facilities

Alvaka NOC (Networks Operations Center) is always open and protecting your network, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
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N + 1 Redundant Power

Plus a backup diesel generator.

N + 1 Temperature Controls

Consistent Operating Temperatures

24x7x365 Facility Security

Onsite Personnel and Surveillance.

Multi-Redundant Internet Access

100% Access, 24X7X365.

The AlvakaNOC is the core of AlvakaNet, Advanced Network Management Solutions. This is where we watch over your network, while you watch over your business.

The AlvakaNet Core Infrastructure is protected in a state-of-the-art SAS70, Type II compliant data center. Our Irvine facility provides industry leading physical, environmental control features, and increased capacity and scalability to your meet growth needs.

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The security system includes these key features:

Onsite 24x7x 365 Network And Security Personnel

Onsite 24x7x365 Staffed Network Operations Center

Advanced Closed Circuit Television Security System

Combination Proximity Card and Photo ID System

Power Infrastructure

The data center provides a premier power system designed to support continuous, redundant, and protected power. Built to N+1 redundancy, the data center employs proven solid and reliable power architecture. The components of this implementation protect against such power anomalies and events as brownouts, blackouts, and surges or spikes in power.

Features and functions of our power infrastructure include:

Dual Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – Through a dual UPS system, the data center delivers clean, consistent power. The UPS system is comprised of rectifiers, inverters, and batteries, and is designed to maintain constant power to all equipment in the data center, regardless of power source.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

The automatic transfer switch (ATS) senses a significant interruption of power from the utility source. When an interruption is detected, the ATS immediately activates the onsite generator, feeding power to the UPS. A surplus supply of diesel fuel is stored onsite to support the generator for an extended period, if necessary. Fueling contracts with local fuel companies ensure that the power needs of the entire data center will be served without interruption.

Load Testing

The data center staff performs routine testing of the system every month to ensure full functionality. We have experienced the brownouts and blackouts that have affected southern California and we are proud to say that none of our customers have experienced any outages.

Cooling Infrastructure

More and more data centers are falling short in trying to meet the growing demand for high density, scalable IT deployments. Unable to meet requirements for power and cooling to support these environments, businesses find themselves falling short of fully realizing the potential of the technologies they seek to use.

The facility has a flexible and redundant HVAC design that supports the cooling requirements necessary for a truly high density IT platform. The HVAC (High Volume Air Conditioning) equipment supports the cooling load requirements. The air is circulated under 18″ raised flooring and perforated tiles, using a hot aisle/cold aisle containment method for optimum efficiency.

The HVAC system maintains optimum temperature (68/F +/-2/F) and humidity levels. The air is filtered continuously for contaminants, providing additional protection to equipment, and reducing the amount of resources needed for maintenance of overheated equipment, hardware replacement, and equipment cleaning.

Power Management

As part of the design of the data center, specific limitations on amp usage and BTU output in each cabinet, cage and rack reduces the risk of electrical fires in the data center. The data center also controls the flow of cooled air with the use of ventilated floor tiles to ensure consistent temperatures. Prohibitions on cardboard and other flammable materials are strictly enforced.

Early Detection

The data center utilizes the industry leading Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm (VESDA) system for the detection of smoke and fire. VESDA aspirating smoke detection technology offers the earliest possible warning of a potential fire.

Fire Suppression

The standard fire protection system for the data center is a dry pipe, double interlock pre-action fire sprinkler system as defined by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). This type of system does not use toxic gases or destructive dry chemicals, which can prove detrimental to staff and our clients’ equipment. The fire suppression system works in conjunction with the VESDA system in each data center facility. Dry-Chem fire extinguishers are also located throughout the facility for added protection.

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For more information about AlvakaNet please call toll-free 877-662-6624. AlvakaNet provides security, flexibility and value with a client-focused approach to meeting your IT needs.

On top of the incredible features of this state of the art facility, the AlvakaNOC has additionally invested in back-up resources out of the southern California area. This means that in the event of a natural disaster, or other emergency, AlvakaNet customers will still receive the support they need. We always love the opportunity to share our AlvakaNOC facility! Contact us to arrange a tour!

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