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Oli Thordarson

Oli Thordarson


You are probably here at my CEO message because you have a pressing IT concern.  We don’t get visitors to this website unless they are feeling Information Technology pain and there is urgency to resolve that pain.  Over my 30+ years in the IT profession I see visitors come to Alvaka Networks because they are wondering what to do about their network that is down, someone is stealing from their company or they had a big security breach.  Other times they are frustrated with how their network is running and they don’t feel they are getting the results they need from their IT department.  Sometimes the problem is that the IT guy just quit or has been fired. Or maybe you are a software consultant and you are tired of your client blaming your software when you know the problem is rooted in the network.  Well I have good news for you.  Alvaka Networks fixes all of that.

Most of Alvaka Networks clients have their own IT staff.  IT staff at any company is invaluable asset.  But sometimes there are problems. We help frustrated executives overcome the fears and frustrations they feel from being held hostage by the mysteries surrounding their Information Technology so they can get back to controlling costs, making money and rest-assured that their business is running smoothly.

Almost always the IT team can use a little help. Alvaka Networks brings that help you need. We want to see you less frustrated and more focused on the things that will grow your company. At Alvaka Networks we are uniquely positioned to help you. We are staffed 24x7 with American based workers right here in Irvine California. Yes, we have real live American workers on the clock, at phones and keyboards waiting to help you 24x7x365.  There is no off-shoring of the personnel or call centers that have to track down someone who is on call.  We have a Network Operation Center that is staffed around the clock to make sure your networks are running like a champ.

If you want to get back to focusing on growing your business and let go of your concerns with IT, then give Alvaka Networks a call at 949 428-5000 or write to me directly at  Let’s chat and see what Alvaka Networks can do for you.

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