What 12 Security Things Should I Focus on to Be Defensible in 2017?

  • Alvaka Network 2 Executive Circle Irvine, CA, 92614 United States

How Do I Secure My Network in 2017 with the Tools and Budget I Have?

Thursday, Nov 17, 2016  11:30AM – 1 PM

You are the CEO, CFO, or IT Director and you are worried about how an information security breach can hurt you badly.  You have limited budget but high expectations to keep your network safe.  What do you do?

This Lunch and Learn seminar takes the lessons learned from real-life security incidents over the past two years and lays out an action plan to secure your systems without undue complexity and cost.  You probably already own most of the technology you need  -- you just need to organize your resources and processes to dramatically improve your security posture without breaking the budget.  In 90 minutes, you will learn to do that and leave with the knowledge and tools to develop your information security budget.


  • 11:30 Lunch is provided

  • 11:45 Guest and speaker introductions during lunch

  • 12:00 Presentation begins

  • 12:45 Question and answer

  • 1:00 Meeting ends