Long Beach Network Monitoring and Managed Security Service Provider

According to recent data from the US Census Bureau, Long Beach is the home of 37,610 companies and businesses. The city has the highest employment density in California, providing numerous job opportunities not only to the locals, but also to residents of the nearby counties. The top industries of the Greater Long Beach area are manufacturing, tourism and hospitality, retail trade and healthcare.

Why Companies Need IT Network Security Services

Regardless of the industry, all businesses in Long Beach must ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act and follow IT security regulations. Apart from the legal requirements, the failure to introduce better network management can result in serious losses and data issues that are detrimental for the company. Choosing a reputable Long Beach network management provider has become determining for successful IT processes.

What can a Long Beach Network Management Provider Do?

Long Beach small and medium-sized businesses usually lack the IT resources and expertise of big enterprises. Hiring an IT team is far from cost-efficient for such businesses.

This means that many companies in Long Beach may lack the right kind of protection against contemporary technological threats. Contacting a professional Long Beach network management provider ranks among the best options for small and medium sized businesses. Concerns about corporate IT security keep on increasing with the introduction of new technologies. This is why professional assistance matters.

Contemporary IT network security services utilize the latest hardware and software solutions to target a variety of threats and stop them before they penetrate and spread across a network. If you are looking for such services, you should consider some of the most prominent features:

  • DrWorx: this data backup opportunity is essential because server problems occur, even if the best solution is chosen. Using DrWorx can prevent data loss related to server and system issues.
  • MailWorx: a state of the art multi-layered antispam filter that catches spam and malware before it reaches the network.
  • FireWorx: the professional firewall management service is available 24/7, facilitating the configuration, management and troubleshooting of IT security solutions.
  • PatchWorx: this is an effective patch management solution for continuous patch implementation.
  • StaffWorx: a 24/7 professional IT infrastructure support possibility provided by exclusively domestic staff.

Advantages and Importance of Professional IT Management

Small and medium sized companies rely both on software and hardware to streamline everyday processes, increase accountability and decrease the risk of human errors. There is one big problem, however. Such networks are vulnerable and contemporary security threats are becoming more and more difficult to manage.

These factors determine why working with a Long Beach network management provider is so important for local companies. Professional network management and security result in decreased risk of disruptions, ability to meet regulations in the niche and better handling of sensitive data. Companies that are serious about being industry leaders should consider professional network management possibilities.