Newport Beach Network Security Management and IT Consulting Company

Newport Beach is home to only around 80,000 residents. However, when you take in to account that we host a fortune 500 company, as well as some of the most successful and fastest growing businesses in the States, ranging from semiconductor manufacturers to the largest Mercedes Benz dealership in the world, it’s easy to see that this is a small city which punches well above its weight.

As a growing city, the majority of expansion in Newport is through small and medium sized business. When your business expands in to that middle ground, one of the first things operations and management become concerned about, is the efficiency of their IT and network security services. In modern business, Information Technology is what holds your company together. Without successfully implemented IT systems and services, you can stifle growth, and hinder daily operations of your business. Alvaka Networks is a company dedicated to providing network monitoring software and IT management services in the Newport Beach area. We can help streamline your IT security services, while reducing the demand on in house staff, allowing you to focus on your business.

  • DrWorx. A network attached storage facility for Windows servers allowing fully encrypted backups of your important data. DrWorx takes care of anything from individual PC backups to Server backups that can be recovered in a matter of minutes. It’s a must for business continuity.
  • Email is essential for businesses, but unsecured email can be a productivity killer. MailWorx is an anti-spam filtering system which helps to prevent lost productivity as well as reducing the load on your mail servers. Protecting yourself from spam is also important in the fight against network security threats.
  • FireWorx is our managed firewall solution for businesses in Newport. A firewall is an integral part of your network security services. With FireWorx you can have peace of mind, knowing that your IT network is protected by a managed Firewall, which can evolve and adapt to whatever your growing needs are.
  • PatchWorx. Keeping IT assets patched and up to date is a difficult task for desktop support engineers. Rolling updates out is often not the problem, but ensuring end users actually install the updates can be. PatchWorx allows a fully managed patching system that is uninterruptible by users meaning that all of your devices remain up to date and protected from security threats.
  • StaffWorx. With this service we can provide additional IT services, in the form of products or consulting personnel to your business, either on site or off site. Outsourcing parts of your IT network and security services not only gives you room to grow other parts of your business, it also allows you access to the kind of expertise and processes that traditionally only large enterprises could afford.

Newport Beach Network Monitoring and IT Management Solutions

Fully managed IT services have more benefits than you might have previously thought. Securing, future-proofing, maintaining and reducing costs are just some of the benefits that can be gained by bringing in a partner to provide IT network and security management services. If you’re looking to grow your business and your brand, one of the easiest ways to reduce load and reallocate resource is to employ the help of a Newport Beach network management provider. No matter what your size or needs, Alvaka Networks can work together to tailor solutions that meet your business now, and through its future.