Managed IT Service Philosophy and Advanced Network Management

Service Philosophy

Alvaka Networks has enjoyed nearly three decades working in partnership with our clients. Through our trusted partner position, we constantly strive to improve our practices and delivery methods. We will always focus on understanding how our action or inaction impacts our clients' businesses. It is our unwavering commitment to constantly provide real value, and be there when our clients’ need us.

We are committed to leading our industry in the push for constant improvement, increased value, and unwavering ethics. For many in our industry, profits are made through failure to be proactive, the injection of mystery and the perception that what they are doing is magic. Alvaka Networks, on the other hand, earns our clients' confidence and investment through open, concise, and constant dialogue. We work towards our clients gaining a true understanding of the positive and negative of technology. We offer unbiased opinions and only inject new technology where it suits a client’s needs, not just our wallets.

Since the early 1990s we have led our industry in the area of Advanced Network Management (managed services) and remain out in front.

Alvaka Networks is 100% committed to investing in the best people and tools available. Since the early 1990's we have led our industry in the area of Advanced Network Management (managed services) and remain out in front. While others are now speaking our language, they are years behind in having a defined and repeatable model and the experience and longevity that we have proven. They do not have tested and perfected people and methods that we use every day to provide premium, yet affordable services.

Alvaka Networks is committed to the promise that “We Will Expertly Manage and Secure Your Network.” This is not just a statement, but a deeply imbedded part of our corporate culture. Our commitment starts with the first contact and is the driving force of our company. Our executives, engineers and consultants maintain deep relationships with our clients that deliver mutual success.

As electronic information and communication become an ever growing part of American business, they place a significant burden on those responsible for their stewardship. Alvaka Networks understands the balance between investment and return. We will continue to develop programs of engagement that empower our clients to make sound decisions about how their information systems should be supported and how to work towards a viable safe harbor against regulatory failures.

Industry Awards

  • Nimsoft Best Customer Care Platinum Award 2007
  • Sonicwall Channel Champion of The Year 2006
  • NASBA Top Overall Reseller Fall 2004
  • NASBA Best Customer Care Spring 2004
  • Best of VAR Vision New Business Achievement 2002
  • VAR Vision Vision Award Spring 2004 - presented to Oli Thordarson