A Great Webinar On Backup And Disaster Recovery

I just did a one hour webinar sponsored by IBM and brought to the Internet by eWeek, a Ziff Davis Media publication. If I do say so myself I think it went very well. Elliot Markowitz of eWeek said he thought it was the best webinar so far this year.

Click Here for the Webinar: 


Disaster Recovery: Learning from the Past to Get Ready for the Future

A Great Webinar On Backup And Disaster Recovery2011-05-03T03:21:00-07:00

Internet Growth Continues To Boom


ake a quick look at this report and the increases in bandwidth usage in the past five years. The next four years show that it is not expected to slow down its robust growth.

“The report notes that global IP traffic has increased by a factor of eight times in the last five years and will increase by another factor of four in the next five years.”

Internet Growth Continues To Boom2018-08-22T11:23:22-07:00