The Dangers of Posting Your Photos Online

Be careful when posting photos on-line. Almost all new smart phones record where and when you took a photo. Many of the new high-end dedicated cameras do the same thing. Beyond the photo that you see and innocently post is a wealth of data you may not want to publish. That data is called EXIF, for Exchangeable Image Format.

You can read more about it here

The process for finding out where a photo was taken is incredibly simple. Click on the link below for a tool that will not only reveal the GPS coordinates, but show you a Google Image of the location. Just follow this simple four step process:

2. At this point you have two options:
o From Web
o From File
3. Choose “From File” and then click on the option to browse for one of your photos taken with your iPhone or Droid
4. Then browse for one of your photos and click on the View Image from File button

Boom! Now scroll down to the bottom and you will see a geo image of the area where the photo was taken. It might be your house, school or wherever for everyone to know.
You can also watch this video for a bit of a hair-raiser:

The good news is it appears FaceBook is now suppressing this geo-tagging information although at the time of this writing they have not replied to my inquiry to confirm that. But many other sites do reveal this information including many dating sites for example. So be careful when posting to Craig’s List, Photobucket and elsewhere. You may be telling people where your kids live, where you work, vacation, etc.

Phones can be set to suppress this data and this data can be stripped from existing photos. If there is popular demand on how to do that I will post another blog showing you how to do that.