If the IBM PC legitimized the PC market in 1981 and launched an explosion of sales and it created a whole new market, I predict the health-enabled Apple Watch will do the same.  Prior to IBM’s entry into the PC market, personal computers were considered toys for home hobbyists.  When IBM came out with the PC the corporate market had what they considered to be a legitimate standard for a personal business computer.  The open architecture was a windfall to third party developers of hardware and software.  This was the catalyst that unleashed the power of the individual worker.  The users were no longer indentured to what and when the data processing department was willing to provide them. 

The Apple Watch is going to empower individuals to monitor and manage their own health.  The marketing power and the standardization influence of Apple upon a whole mobile device user community and the third party value-adding marketplace will have the same impact on the healthcare profession.

Get ready for a whole new ride and a whole new healthcare service delivery model.  Just as most IT systems management is done remotely, in 10 years’ time we will see the same for healthcare.  Who is ready for this paradigm-shift?  What do you need to do to get ready?

Here is the story link from Modern Healthcare