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Business Continuity Statement

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Alvaka Networks’ Business Continuity Statement

Because it is our job to support our clients and employees even in the most difficult times of disaster, Alvaka Networks has developed a Business Continuity Plan that is designed to manage the effects of significant disaster. We have worked to address those events that disrupt or threaten to disrupt our business operations.  Our Business Continuity Plan was designed to provide our clients with the highest levels of up-time and systems reliability but also to comply with regulatory requirements under the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Alvaka Networks’ business continuity process planning and implementation contemplates the potential of significant business systems and operational disruption while working to provide uninterrupted services and the expedient resumption of normal business operations in the event of a disaster.  Our Business Continuity Plan revolves around essential assumptions and consideration relating to mission critical systems availability, data back-up and recovery, normal and alternate communications, power, connectivity, staffing, security and physical access among others.

The resumption of “normal operations” is in large part impacted by the severity, depth and breadth of a disaster. For occurrences which are regional in nature and impact Alvaka Networks’ corporate headquarters, and outside of force Majeure events such as total loss of our multiple path connectivity, cellular and other primary support mechanisms, we are able to operate in the complete absence of our primary location. If such a major regional event or loss of our corporate location continues for an extended period, we have an alternate support location outside of California that can be turned up as a primary work location and our operations required to support our customers can continue through the alternate secondary data center location.

Alvaka Networks’ Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery plan is tested on periodically to verify our internal procedures.  Our exercises demonstrate our commitment to providing high levels of support continuity and systems stability.  Alvaka Networks has taken great effort to design its systems, Business Continuity and Disaster Plans to support our operations and our clients during and after significant business disruptions. Due to the varying severity, depth and breadth of impacts and events beyond the control of Alvaka Networks, the potential disruptions and recoveries are ultimately unpredictable. While we take both commercially reasonable steps to prevent and recover from the impacts of disasters, Alvaka Networks cannot guarantee the availability of our systems or the actual Meantime to Recovery if a significant disaster or business interruption occurs. We have a Recovery Time Objective in a major disaster event that impacts our local systems of eight (8) hours to regain operational normalcy.  Our, security posture, Business Continuity and Disaster plans have been independently reviewed and approved through the CompTIA Security Trustmark Certification Process.

Disaster Contact – During a significant s disruption, please call (877) NOC-NOC4 (662-6624) or visit our Contact Us page for additional contact information.