Cell phones turned handheld computers have changed our lives.  My wife get anxious if she forgets her iPhone when we go somewhere.  Everywhere we go we see people using their indispensable handheld appliance and all too frequently we hear the refrain that “I am about to run out of battery.”

Image by IFIXIT Image by IFIXIT

Battery technology has not kept up with computing power, storage densities and communication speed increases that all follow something similar to Moore’s Law that states computing power will double every 18 months.  The sad truth is that batteries have not really come very far in 50 plus years.  Alternatives are needed whether it is your iPhone or a Tesla.

Check out this new development that was so hyped 10 years ago as it seems it might be near use in real life.  Click here to read about the New Battery that can last for a week.

Here is another article about this Battery Technology and Cars.

Thanks to my techie friend Steve Meyer for turning me onto this pending technology.