Machine Learning and AI in Cybersecurity

In this blog, we’ll discuss machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), and how it’s currently being used in cybersecurity. Keep an eye out towards the end as WorkDone CEO, Joe Rogers, will join us in the discussion of [...]

Machine Learning and AI in Cybersecurity2021-09-09T23:10:14-07:00

2020 Saw a 320% increase in Ransomware Incidents

It’s no doubt that 2020 was a tough year for everyone, and even more so for information security professionals. In fact, 2020 saw the highest increased rates of ransomware incidents than any other year. The onslaught of phishing scams, [...]

2020 Saw a 320% increase in Ransomware Incidents2021-06-23T11:48:45-07:00

An experienced cyber insurance broker’s reply to my blog

This reply to my blog, Should I buy cyber insurance? is written by David McNeil, principal, of EPIC Insurance Brokers & Agents. He brings 20+ years of professional industry experience to the topic on cyber insurance. Some of Alvaka Networks' clients have been utilizing Dave's services for many years.


Hi Oli,

Always enjoy your insights and thoughts on Tech-related subjects.   Lately, the plethora of headlines regarding cyber-related issues has meant the interest in cyber-insurance has reached a new level. This is a huge topic and this comment can only scratch the surface.

That said, a bit of an insider-view may be helpful…

Currently, cyber-insurance coverage forms are NOT standard (ISO) forms.  As a result, insurance carriers forms differ greatly.  Many parts, definitions, limits and coverage triggers are negotiable.

Definition negotiations are critical.  It is important to know what to look for and how to modify a particular carriers form to best suit the needs of a specific client/insured.

EXAMPLE:  Trigger for Notification of a Breach - (A hypothetical…. Sort of)....

An experienced cyber insurance broker’s reply to my blog2018-08-09T11:15:46-07:00

Don’t go on a phishing trip!

Kevin McDonald guest writes a blog for Dave Berkus' Berkonomics TUESDAY, June 21st, 2016 Don’t go on a phishing trip! By Kevin McDonald Phishing, a play on the word “fishing,” is a dangerous form of executive or CEO email fraud, [...]

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CryptXXX is ransomware that also steals your passwords and your Bitcoins

Most of my recent blogs are about ransomware. That is because ransomware is the most prevalent cyber threat today facing individuals, small and large businesses, governments and not-for-profits. No one is safe from this scourge.

Today I must tell you about a new one. Like Jigsaw, this new one called CryptXXX, is a game changer. Jigsaw was different from prior strains in that it immediately starts to delete your files just to show you that it means business. CryptXXX is different in that it introduces two new problems other than encrypting all your files and then demanding payment. Up until now ransomware has not actually breached your system and exfiltrated data. Sure you had a security incident, but it was not identified as a breach in the classic sense. Now with CryptXXX not only is your data held hostage, but now the culprits steal two new things from you. CryptXXX steals login names and passwords which puts all your systems, local and in the cloud, and any websites you frequent at risk. CryptXXX also steals your Bitcoins if you have any. The stealing of the Bitcoins is a particular insult because....

CryptXXX is ransomware that also steals your passwords and your Bitcoins2016-05-18T21:08:54-07:00