In the below video, Alvaka CEO Oli Thordarson, discusses Alvaka’s response and readiness to the Covid-19 Pandemic and how we are supporting our clients’ response efforts with consistent and quality service.

Here is a script of the video…

Hi, this is Oli Thordarson, founder of Alvaka Networks.

We have had a few clients ask about our operational condition during this time of Shelter-in-Place orders. Alvaka Networks is categorized as an Essential Service Business because we support companies in the healthcare, utilities, financial services and other vital categories. That means we are at full-staffing levels 24 hours per day. We are even hiring for the extra load. We are working within our contingency plan to keep everyone safe while delivering vital services. We will continue providing the vital technical support that you need and expect.
There might be some delays on non-critical projects, but we expect to get all your important work completed.

Your well-being is very important to us. With the increasing concerns about Coronavirus, we are taking steps to help protect the health and safety of our employees and you, our client. We have implemented distancing and other health protection protocols to reduce the likelihood of infection. All services that can be delivered remotely, will be delivered remotely. All meetings, etc., will either be postponed or done via electronic meetings until the distancing recommendations are lifted.

We don’t expect any change in the quality of your service, but if you experience something different, please report it to me at 949 428-5005 direct or email