As cybersecurity breaches surge, it’s important that company leadership know what IT is up to. Kevin McDonald explains why IT process documentation is a must-have best practice.

It seems that not a day passes without news of another high-profile hack, embezzlement of monies and data, or even the sabotage of a corporation or government entity. These events are shining a light on weak efforts to avoid cybersecurity breaches, and how company owners and executives are sometimes targeted for shareholder revenge. As Zurich Insurance Group reported in 2014, “Shareholders within several companies recently victimized by cybersecurity breaches have launched lawsuits against the enterprises’ boards, claiming that executive management breached its fiduciary duty by failing to ensure that the companies implemented adequate security measures.”

As an executive, meeting your fiduciary responsibilities with regard to technology decisions and preventing cybersecurity breaches can be extremely difficult. In fact, without the honest…

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