Alvaka’s Mailworx Email Filtering

Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering advantage

 Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering machine learning technology provides the most effective anti-spam solution available for the small to mid-size enterprise. Mounting an effective defense against spam requires detection techniques that evolve as quickly as the attacks themselves. Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering technology uses advanced machine learning techniques to provide comprehensive spam detection that guards against the spam threats of today, as well as tomorrow. Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering continuously analyzes millions of messages and automatically adjusts its detection algorithms to identify even the newest, most cunning types of attacks. Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering provides accurate, adaptive, and continuous protection against spam without requiring manual tuning or administrator intervention. 

Machine Learning in Action

Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering is a highly configurable message-processing platform that provides a comprehensive defense against spam, viruses, and other messaging threats. The advanced machine learning classifiers and enterprise-strength platform enable the Mailworx spam filtering solution to synthesize large amounts of data, analyze millions of message characteristics, and classify messages with a very high degree of confidence. This results in a high rate of effectiveness and a very low rate of false positives.

Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering technology:

  • Continuously adapts to detect new types of spam without manual intervention—the system’s ability to identify spam does not degrade as spammers change their tactics.
  • Employs next generation machine learning techniques including: logistic regression and information gain techniques to build large-scale statistical models that accurately represent dependencies among spam attributes, and delineate the boundary between spam and valid messages. 
  • Includes image and attachment-specific machine learning techniques to accurately identify even the most sophisticated spam messages. Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering continues to identify the latest attachment-based spamming techniques, and has built technology to handle these threats proactively, and predictably. As new techniques emerge, Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering delivers the latest spam detection technologies to customers automatically.
  • Analyzes more than 1,000,000 spam attributes including message envelope and header characteristics, as well as the actual message and attachment content to accurately classify messages and ensure a low rate of false positives.
  • Ensures the maximum protection today and improves in performance even as spam evolves.

Alvaka’s Mailworx Spam Detection Process

The detection process begins within our contracted spam filtering Attack Response Center, where scientists and engineers build and refine mathematical models that represent Internet spam. These models are constantly updated and delivered to customers to ensure their messaging infrastructures stay ahead of the latest spam attacks.

Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering examines every aspect of incoming messages, from the sender’s IP address, to the message envelope, headers, and structure, and finally the content and formatting of the message’s attachments and the message itself. At any given time, more than one million possible attributes—representing both content and structural components—may be taken into consideration. A typical message may trigger more than 300 attributes.

Key Features

  • Contextual, lexical and image based analysis
  • Detection of subcategories of spam such as Phishing Attacks and Pornographic Spam
  • Reputation Analysis for IP Addresses and URLs
  • Bounce Management
  • Obfuscation Detection
  • Natural Language Tests
  • International Language Analysis
  • Outbound Spam Detection



Alvaka’s Mailworx URL Defense

Advanced Protection with Alvaka’s Mailworx Attack Protection

Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering leverages the advanced power of Attack Protection, Alvaka’s Mailworx industry leading email analysis solution, to provide small to mid-sized enterprises with URL Defense, the only service that effectively detects, catches and analyses malicious URLs targeting this market.

Targeted email attacks containing malicious links represent one of the most dangerous IT threats facing enterprises today. Alvaka’s Mailworx Attack Protection is the industry’s first comprehensive email analysis solution for combatting targeted threats using a full lifecycle approach, monitoring suspicious messages containing malicious URLs or malicious attachments, and observing user clicks as they attempt to reach out. Mailworx spam filtering URL Defense feature takes a more advanced approach to identifying suspicious email messages containing malicious URLs. This helps small to mid-sized enterprises to add additional layers of security scrutiny that cannot be matched by traditional security solutions and gateways. 

Why do small and medium enterprises need URL Defense?

Small to mid-sized enterprises are easier targets for cyber criminals because they are generally protected by less sophisticated software or they are not protected at all. Unfortunately email attackers have worked this out and now realize that targeting a smaller enterprise can actually mean a bigger reward in the end.

What is worse is that no matter the training provided to staff at any enterprise, users are still falling for these targeted email attacks as they get more sophisticated. Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering research has found that on average, 1 in 10 users that receive email messages with malicious URLs will click on these URLs. Frequently, Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering has observed that malware used in these attacks remain undetected by less than 10% of traditional AV and reputation solutions, even hours after the attack.

Predictive Analysis

Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering uses Big Data techniques and machine learning heuristics to predictively determine what could likely be malicious and take pre-emptive steps before any user clicks on it. It is achieved by:

  • Modeling user’s email patterns and building behavioral history of that specific user to determine which email is suspicious and anomalous.
  • Building Cloud based statistical model using history, Alexa ranking, IP block reputation, velocity of email sent from an originating IP, and a set of other criteria.
  • Predicting malicious URLs with the help of real time scoring against this statistical model.

Key Benefit: Proactively identifies threats and minimizes clean-up for incident response teams by catching malicious URLs before users click and get infected.

Advanced Malware Detection

Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering uses sophisticated techniques to evaluate advanced threats that are traditionally missed by signature-based and reputation-based solutions.

These techniques include:

  • Malicious List Check - Check for emerging campaigns and known new malicious websites
  • Code Analysis Check – Check for suspicious behavior, obfuscated scripts, malicious code snippets, and redirects to other malicious sites

Key Benefit: Cloud scale and elasticity for malware analysis with global and immediate benefit to all organizations for emerging campaigns, with proprietary technology to defeat malware through counter-evasion techniques.

Real-time Dynamic Analysis

Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering enables the solution to provide protection on any device, at any time, from any location, by following the email and checking for the URL destination’s safety in real-time. A frequent technique used by hackers has been to drive recipients to click on a link directing them to a website which is initially harmless, but turns malicious after a period of time. With this feature, users are still protected whether they access the message from the corporate network, corporate VPN, home network, mobile device, or a public network.

  • Protects users and organizations on and off the corporate VPN across all devices including Mobile, Tablet and Laptops.
  • Architected to help comply with existing corporate security controls and acceptable use policies by redirecting the user’s browser to safe destinations rather than acting like a proxy service.

Key Benefit: Enables security controls to persist, even if users are off the corporate network and bypassing on-premise security controls.



Alvaka’s Mailworx Email Filtering

Content Filtering

Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering offers intelligent content filtering to effectively address the issue of confidential, malicious or inappropriate email content being sent or received by your enterprise.

Email is vital for facilitating fast, effective corporate communications, however, it is essential that enterprises manage the content of all messages entering and leaving their networks. Failure to do so can result in confidential information, offensive jokes, inappropriate language or unsafe attachments flowing in and out of your organization without your knowledge and with harmful consequences.

 How does the content rules engine work?

Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering offers a powerful, customizable rules engine. This facilitates both content and event-based email management while providing highly sensitive levels of control regarding email traffic. The service allows users to control where messages are sent to and how they should be filtered depending on specified rules with full visibility and control of features. This sophisticated feature allows users to filter their email based on a series of select variables. Rules can be set to cater for a number of different situations offering a wealth of functionality. 

Users are able to filter emails based on various criteria such as message size, country of origin or destination. The rules can be directed to the user only, to a group of users chosen by the company administrator or even to the entire organization. Users are additionally able to edit and order rules to their own preferences.

Protecting you from unwanted Content and Attachments

Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering advanced threat detection technology enables our anti-virus engines to provide clients with an unrivalled protection from viruses and other email-borne threats. All messages are meticulously scanned by our sophisticated virus engines, operating at the highest levels of accuracy, performance and effectiveness ensuring all known viruses are captured and blocked. For increased protection, Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering employs heuristics scanning technology to discover email threats currently unknown to the system and protects against these in real time.



Alvaka’s Mailworx spam filtering Continuity

Emergency Inbox

Email Continuity with Alvaka’s Mailworx Emergency Inbox

Automatic access to your email even if your server fails or unexpected downtime hits. Alvaka’s Mailworx Emergency Inbox ensures your business email is always fully operational. This much-loved feature, simply accessed via a secure web link, means your organization will never miss important email due to downtimes, and your customers won’t even know there’s an issue.

How does the Emergency Inbox work?

If email messages cannot be delivered due to network issues, Emergency Inbox enables users you to log in and access new mail instantly and securely via any web connection. Users can quickly and easily access any queuing email via a webmail client, with the ability to read, forward, reply, open attachments and compose new messages as normal.

While other Email Continuity systems only activate when an action is taken after a disaster, Alvaka’s Mailworx Emergency Inbox automatically kicks in from the very moment a problem hits so your enterprise doesn’t miss a single email. Such functionality means the outside world will have no idea the organization is experiencing technical difficulties. Additionally, all messages sent and received via the emergency inbox will continue to be scanned for any content rules previously set by the organization.

Emergency Inbox Benefits

  • The Emergency Inbox is activated instantly and automatically, providing users with the ability to open, read, download attachments and reply to any email currently queuing.
  • Users can compose new emails that will be sent from their usual email account, so recipients will never know there’s an issue.
  • Quick restoration of any email sent or received via the Emergency Inbox, to your primary system once it recovers.
  • Messages restored to the email server with intact headers which can provide forensic data for archiving & legal purposes.

Emergency Inbox Features

  • Instant and automatic activation.
  • Administrator control of user access.
  • Quick, one step restoration of messages.
  • Fast and easy web-access to queued email.
  • Enables business email as usual.
  • Recipients won’t know there’s an issue.