Mailworx Spam Blocker for Hosted Anti Spam Filtering Services

Mailworx Hosted Email AntiSpam filter is a multi-layered, Internet-level spam filter service that prevents spam from reaching your network. Our Anti-Spam filter service is compatible with any SMTP compliant mail server including: Exchange Spam Filter, GroupWise, Lotus Notes-Domino. Our spam filter service provides a cost effective anti-spam solution which is fully scalable to meet the requirements of small to mid-sized business as well as enterprise size companies. Increase your email security by adding our Email Anti-Virus filter, and effectively block spam and known and unknown viruses simultaneously.

Why use Mailworx Hosted Email AntiSpam filter?

Our hosted email spam filter has an industry-leading service level agreement for capture of 99% of all spam without affecting the flow of legitimate email. Implementing our service is fast and easy, requiring no hardware, installation or ongoing maintenance from your end.

Mailworx Hosted Anti-Spam Benefit

By preventing spam from reaching your network, servers & users’ in-boxes, you save bandwidth, disk-space and time. How you ask? Because Mailworx blocks spam before it reaches your network users, they don’t waste time filtering through unwanted messages. Because the mail never hits your network, it saves on bandwidth, and server space. If you must or choose as a matter of policy to archive your mail, Mailworx can save a fortune in long term storage costs.

Because our services provide Spam Filtering Accuracy of Over 99% spam capture and literally zero false positives,  legitimate mail is received so your users and administrators don't spend their time looking for blocked mail and potentially missed opportunity.

Mailworx reduces the risk of virus infection by stopping email imbedded Malware from ever reaching your systems. Your network Users can open messages without launching a virus and you don’t have to spend time recovering from an infection.

How our Email Anti-Spam Filtering works:

  • All incoming emails are directed through the Mailworx platform, hosted in secure data centers worldwide
  • Each email is scanned for spam from known and unknown sources using traffic management, Skeptic™ technology, and commercial anti-spam filters
  • Any email identified as spam is redirected, with multiple spam block and re-routing options available
  • Quarantined email and lists of approved and blocked senders are managed by administrators and/or end-users
  • Reports summarizing actions taken by the spam filter service can be generated easily

Email Anti-Spam Filter Service

Our hosted spam filter service is fully managed; you simply pay a fixed monthly cost based on the number of users connected. Additional employees can be added easily as your business grows. Our email Anti-Spam filter can be purchased separately or combined with our email Anti-Virus, email Image Control or email Content Control services for increased email security.

Take advantage of our free trial service today or contact our sales consultants for more information at