Know what you are backing up and know what you need to back-up.

They are not always the same thing.

During the course of writing this series of blogs on backup and disaster recovery I thought I would throw in a few anecdotal stories along the way. I just got out of a meeting with one of my key managers. We were talking about a long time client and a huge backup problem that was just uncovered.

We were asked

to document their current backup procedures and what we found in the process was frightening. This client has over 100 servers, but only about 30% of them were getting backed-up. In the list of servers not getting backed-up are some critical servers that receive on average about 1,000 vital new documents per day. How disastrous it would be to lose one of those servers. The data lost and the time to recover would be devastating.

Even if you are not a large company with this many servers, do you really know what is getting backed-up? When did you last check? Are all your important accounting programs and files recoverable?

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