The HIPAAcrisy of

Kathleen Sebelius at a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing Wednesday said she is responsible for the problems with  Will she extend her ownership to the violations of privacy regulations? Will she own the pathetic demonstration that political expediency means more to HHS than the commitment to applicants’ privacy?  Will HHS be a little more forgiving the next time another organization gets investigated for a HIPAA breach or will Tavenner and Sebelius be HIPAAcritical?

The HIPAAcrisy of Healthcare.gov2019-04-09T00:25:08-07:00

CryptoLocker Critical Security Alert

Critical Security Alert   Please be advised that Alvaka Networks is notifying it's clients and partners of a particularly malicious and destructive form of malware or “Ransomware” referred to as CryptoLocker.  Whereas the vast majority of malware is written [...]

CryptoLocker Critical Security Alert2023-08-10T23:32:03-07:00

Alvaka Networks Ransomware/Crimeware Alert

  I was going to write this, but Dave Cunningham, Alvaka's Business Technology Officer, beat me to it.  So here it is in all it's timeliness.  Please be advised that Alvaka Networks is notifying its clients and partners of a [...]

Alvaka Networks Ransomware/Crimeware Alert2024-03-14T00:23:20-07:00