With the incredible proliferation of mobile devices that
allow anyone with network credentials to gain nearly unlimited access to internal
network resources, we have opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box. The ironic
thing in this fast growing story is those with the most to lose are often the
ones with cavalier attitudes about security. Whether it is not placing a password
on the device (because it is inconvenient) or not running anti-malware software
(because they don’t know they should), many IT staff, senior executives and
business owners use their power to avoid accountability and do not responsibly use
or manage these devices.  This is truly unfortunate,
and I cannot tell you how many cases we have seen where the loss of a mobile
device has led to regret.  

I can assure you, there is no level of inconvenience or perceived
loss of productivity that is worth the devastating loss of vital intellectual property
or the suffering of major fines or civil damages in litigation which can easily
be in the millions. These losses pale in comparison to the loss of public trust
and client good faith which is priceless. 
So do yourself a favor and learn to live within the constraints of reasonable
security measures before you become a statistic on companies that brought their
own disaster.