A few months
back I wrote a blog called, Don’t
Get Caught by a Ransomware Gang
.   The blog warned that
ransomware gangs are loading malware onto computers.  Back then the threat
was in the form of unwanted encryption of your data that would make it unusable
to you.  The perpetrators would not release the data unless you paid the
ransom.  In most cases even when the ransom is paid the data is not

Now there is
a new threat.  The ransomware thugs are simply stealing passwords and
holding access for ransom.  Don’t be a victim.  The best defense is
to make sure your computers and servers are up-to-date on software
patching.  Anti-virus software, spam filtering and scanning of e-mail content
is also a good additional defense.  The best defense is a multi-layered
and multi-disciplined endeavor.  Make sure you consult with your
technology expert to be properly prepared.

Here is the
full story: http://www.crn.com/news/security/240155200/ransomware-attack-%20%20%20%20now-steals-passwords-microsoft-warns.htm?cid=nl_vi&elqTrack=true