You may have heard of the revolution coming in the form of
the personal 3D printer; a device that can print physical representation of
almost any object you can imagine.  Here
is a link to more on 3D printers,

Now the food printer has been imagined and some argue in
this story link that early versions are already with us. Go to this story
titled Chef
in a Box
by Nathan Myhrvold to read it for yourself.  The concept of a food printer is
controversial if you read the few comments posted at the end of the story in the

Two years ago, I took my two
high schoolers to San Luis Obispo to see the college and some other sights in
the area.  The main reason for the trip
was to see a friend of mine who has a business in SLO that makes unmanned aerial
vehicles… flying robots.  I was trying to
impress upon those two that the future for them is in mechanical engineering
and software.  The trip did not work on
them, but it hit home with my then 11 year old son.

After the
visit to the business, we went to lunch. 
I brought up the topic of software that another friend wrote to
allow restaurant guests to place orders on iPads.  You may have already used something like that
lately.  I predicted that in some years
we will have a future without traditional food servers.  Chefs will be gone from the kitchen and
instead food will be precisely and consistently made every time all the time
without the dirt, grime and contamination of humans.  I likened it to the banking ATM experience.  My whole family frowned upon that
prediction.  They like the traditional
dining experience.  I postulated that
most people like ATMs and prefer them to dealing with other humans in the
branch office.  They did not buy that idea.

Well, fast forward two years
and the link above predicts meals will be prepared by robots.  Only time will tell if I am correct.  What do you think?