1.       What date did you get infected? 

You might only have a few days to pay the ransom until it goes from $500 to $1000.  After 30 days you might not be able to decrypt the files at all.

2.       What type of files got infected and what do they mean to your business?

If the files are not worth $500 then don’t pay the ransom.  If the files are worth $5 million then you better be very careful and thoughtful about what you do.  The decryption process might not even work and if so, then what do you do?  I suggest a very thorough examination and much thoughtfulness about what path you take.  I suggest you talk to a professional for advice and the development of a plan.

3.       Do you have current file or image backups?  Do they work?

This might be your best option, but again, if your data is worth a lot of money you better get some advice from someone who has dealt with this problem before.

4.       Do you have one of the later versions of Windows?

If so, perhaps Shadow Volume copies are an option if those are available.  Check with your computing professional to find out if these are still on your system and not deleted by the infection.

5.       File Recovery Software, do you have it and is it an option?

It may be possible to recovery your most important files through file recovery tools.  If you want to pursue this option I recommend you stop using your systems now as the more you use your system to more likely this option won’t work for you.

If you need help, you can always call us at Alvaka Networks at 949 430-7285.  We can help over the phone or through remote support.