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Alvaka Cybersecurity Solutions are designed to protect your company’s systems from Ransomware and help you recovery when necessary.
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Maybe you think that you’re not in any danger and that you take all the necessary precautions. Maybe you believe that you’ve educated your employees enough on the risks of random downloads, clicking on unsecured links, and opening strange emails.

AKO Ransomware Data Recovery Services

With downtime severely impacting company performance in all sectors, you can depend on Alvaka to make your data recovery our top priority. Our well-equipped team of professionals have helped countless businesses recover from ransomware: including AKO attacks.

What is AKO?

AKO is a variant type of ransomware that can be separated into two categories. The difference between the two lies within the way that the victims are meant to make contact with the hacker and/or pay a ransom. When you’re the victim of an AKO attack of any nature, a ransom note is created as a text file that will show like this: ako-readme.txt. In one version, you will be directed to pay the ransom via a Tor site. In the other, there will be instructions to send an email to the cybercriminals. Both types of AKO will generate an id.key, dropping it into your folders that have encrypted files and renaming them all.

AKO Ransomware Recovery Consulting Services by Alvaka

With Alvaka, you’ll have a highly qualified team ready to immediately begin recovering your information. We also investigate the cause of your attack and implement the proper techniques so you don’t become a victim again. We recommend that you do not pay the ransom since it is not going to guarantee that the criminals will give you back your files.

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