If you are a business owner, CEO, CFO or otherwise ultimately responsible for Information Technology (IT) in your organization, here are a few questions that you may have asked yourself at some point. If my IT staff or service provider were to suddenly fall off the map or just not show up, for whatever reason, would my company be left in a ditch? Do I know what would be necessary to keep moving forward? Do I fail to act on issues that I would like to because of fear and uncertainty? Do I know what I own? Is my network legally licensed? Is my technology a black-hole of money, mystery and uncertainty, with little or no return on investment? Do I just have to trust that all of the problems that I am dealing with are, “normal” and simply part of having technology? Does my IT staff or consultant have me convinced that they are the only ones that can support my system? Do they constantly remind me of how hard they work and how “expensive” it would be to replace them? Do they drop little hints (or even make direct threats) about the bad things that could happen if they were fired? These are all indications that you may be an IT Hostage. Whether it is your internal staff, your outside contractors/consultants or both working together that are leaving you in the dark and afraid to act, it is time to make a change, time to take back your business, time to stop being a hostage.

Alvaka has been doing IT Hostage Rescue for many years and we have helped clients work through highly complex, emotionally intense … even criminal … situations that involve these kinds of issues. From the rouge IT employee that threatens your livelihood, to the well intentioned staffer that just doesn’t quite get around to documenting the network, passwords, provider information, budgets, etc., we can help both you and your IT staff to get on the right track to productivity and stability. From the IT person who makes problems just so they can be the hero that fixes them, to the staffer that is maybe over worked or just technically in over their head and needs a little help, we have the know-how to support you! We can help you to get what you need, and resolve those long standing issues. Through our proven support model, you will never again be afraid to make a change due to lack of information, documentation, technical capability, staffing options, etc. So, if you are an IT Hostage, you are certainly not alone. If you think you might be, there is a good chance you are correct. Even if you just want to be sure that you never become one, just give us a call and we will be happy to have a confidential discussion about your options and how we can help.