Our BlackByte Ransomware Recovery Services are designed to help recover from ransomware attacks and then protect systems from future attacks.
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Is there a BlackByte decryption key available?

Search the No More Ransomware Decryption Tools webpage to find out if there is a decryptor for BlackByte Ransomware.

BlackByte Ransomware Recovery Services

If you are a corporate enterprise, then you may be at risk of encountering BlackByte ransomware. Or if here now, it is likely you are already a BlackByte victim. This ransomware operation began targeting their corporate victims back in July 2021. If you do become a target of BlackByte, you are going to need a professional removal service to help you get rid of it as soon as possible. Proper removal is more involved than most IT professionals realize. This is as much a business and legal issue as it is a technical problem. Learn more about the overall process HERE.

How BlackByte Ransomware Works

BlackByte ransomware is a little bit different than other ransomware, but it does share some of the same characteristics, such as avoiding systems that use Russian or ex-USSR languages. Though this ransomware as a service does not have any exfiltrating functionality, that does not mean it is not dangerous.

In C#, BlackByte works by terminating security, mail server and database processes to encrypt a device. It disables Microsoft Defender so that it can successfully encrypt a device. Once this has been done, you are going to need a professional to help with the decryption process. If you don’t have good backups, paying the ransom may be required to retrieve your data. This ransomware-as-a-service group encrypts the files from compromised Windows host systems, allowing them to be held for a ransom.

All it takes is a single click from one of your employees to get the device infiltrated. Once you let the BlackByte hackers in, it can be extremely difficult and expensive to get them out. And worse, it causes a data breach which is the very last thing that your business needs to be dealing with.

What’s New with BlackByte Ransomware in 2022

As of August 2022, BlackByte has extended its extortion strategies beyond its original extortion model of publishing data on dark web leak sites. BlackByte victims now have more options than only paying the ransomware actors to prevent their data from being published. A 24-hour time frame is typically given to victims for paying the ransom, and a 24-hour extension is now being offered at the price of $5,000. BlackByte is also allowing victims to download the stolen data for $200,000 to see if any critical information is actually being held ransom. Additionally, a third option is offered to ensure the data is destroyed for $300,000. These new options in BlackByte’s extortion strategies come with their new 3.0 version with the prices susceptible to change with the size of the victims.

How Alvaka Can Help

To protect yourself, your employees, and your company, Alvaka has extensive experience in dealing with ransomware. If you have this type of ransomware on a device, then it needs to be decrypted and removed as soon as possible. Alvaka has the advanced experience needed in dealing with ransomware recoveries. We will help you to regain control of your devices and avoid the common mishaps of recovery that are more likely to lead to deeper problems and data breach lawsuits.

Recovery can take anywhere between two to four weeks if your company is not prepared for an attack like this. However, with the right team, this can generally be done in a week or two. We are available 24/7 to help recover your devices, remove the ransomware, and provide you any support that you may need.

BlackByte is a new ransomware, but we have the experience and processes in place to get you back in operation and recovered. Our ransomware recovery services are available to all businesses that have been attacked, and we recommend that you get in touch as soon as you can to get the process of removal started.

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