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BlackMatter ransomware is a newly emerging problem for enterprises across the board. It is a specific type of ransomware that can infiltrate your system, combining some of the tools and technologies of various other ransomware out there. The results can be devastating, and you’ll likely need the help of ransomware experts to recover from an attack.

BlackMatter Ransomware Data Recovery Services

At Alvaka, we’re a specialty security company with expertise in ransomware protection and removal. If you’re the victim of a BlackMatter attack, our team of experts can remove it from your system and put you back in control and operating again.

What is BlackMatter Ransomware and How Does It Work?

BlackMatter ransomware was first spotted in July 2020, and it is unique in that it brings together various features of some of the most potent and dangerous ransomware variants we’ve seen. In total, it combines features from the following:

  • DarkSide
  • REvil
  • LockBit 2.0

BlackMatter will first infiltrate your system–typically via phishing or unpatched software–and then encrypt your files and replace the extensions with randomly generated numbers and letters. As a result, you’re unable to open any of your files until they have been decrypted.

There are two massive problems with BlackMatter that make it so dangerous:

  1. It’s fairly new to the scene, meaning not enough time has passed for there to be any free decryption tools for businesses to use. It is unlikely that a free decryption tool will be developed, but if so, it could take months to years to arrive.
  2. It uses SHA-256 encryption, which is extremely high-level encryption that’s almost impossible for the average person to crack and decrypt.

Upon breaching your system, the attackers will demand some form of payment to decrypt your files for you. Currently, BlackMatter is targeting enterprise-level businesses that make a lot of money. Consequently, you need to ensure you’re protected from ransomware attacks, and that you can find a swift solution if your defenses are breached.

BlackMatter Ransomware Decryption Services

Thankfully, you’re in the right place for BlackMatter ransomware removal and recovery services. Alvaka is highly experienced in dealing with all types of ransomware. Our dedicated team of cybersecurity experts works around the clock identifying new forms of ransomware and developing ways of quickly recovering the systems. With our help, we can remove BlackMatter ransomware and help you recover your affected devices and get back to running your business.

What to Do If You’ve Been Affected by BlackMatter Ransomware

The first step is identifying if you have been attacked by this ransomware. As there are so many different variants around, it’s easy to think you’ve been attacked by one ransomware, when really another was at fault. This link is a free tool to help you  identify which ransomware variant has infected you.

Thankfully, it is relatively easy to spot BlackMatter ransomware on your system. Firstly, you will see a .txt file magically appear on your desktop, usually titled “README”. It will direct you to a dark web internet browser with information on how to speak to the hackers. Also, as mentioned before, a telltale sign of BlackMatter is seeing your file extensions changed to a series of random numbers and letters.

If you have spotted these signs and believe you’ve been infected with this ransomware, be sure to do the following:

  • Disconnect the compromised systems from the network
  • Determine if you have cyber breach insurance
  • Don’t follow any instructions in the text file on your desktop
  • Call us immediately at (949) 428-5001! We are available 24x7x365.
  • Report the attack to the authorities

We also urge you to avoid all communications with the hackers. In our experience, negotiating with hackers is pointless, as they have all the control while you have nothing. Therefore, the only possible outcome is one that’s worse than the situation you’re already in.

Why Choose Alvaka as a BlackMatter Ransomware Removal Company?

Our company is built on outstanding expertise in the field of cybersecurity and ransomware. With a highly skilled team at our fingertips, we have all the knowledge and experience needed to help you deal with BlackMatter. We are approved for doing the ransomware recovery work by many cyber breach insurance companies and cyber breach coaches/law firms.

When you choose Alvaka, you will enjoy the following:

  • Professional and swift recovery from BlackMatter ransomware
  • A system scan to identify how the ransomware got into your system, followed by security implementations to prevent it from happening again
  • Education for your employees to train them to avoid phishing scams and keep your business protected in the future

BlackMatter ransomware is no joke, and you can’t afford to let it stay on your network for any longer than necessary. Your business recovery is predicated on a successful ransomware recovery.

If you’re the victim of a ransomware attack, contact us today at (949) 428-5001 for a fast and effective recovery!

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