Los Angeles, CA – Tonight I am reviewing our new DFARS Pre-Assessment Questionnaire that has just been updated for 2017. It is a very compact 30 questions in a four page document. It of course is not a full DFARS assessment, but it is step one of your process you must do before anything else on your DFARS compliance journey.

DFARS is the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. It is a supplement to the FAR that provides DoD-specific acquisition regulations that DoD government acquisition officials – and those contractors doing business with DoD – must follow in the procurement process for goods and services.

If you are an aerospace company, Department of Defense contractor or another type of organization that falls under DFARS compliance please let me know. Through January 31st we are providing this assessment free. To get your free assessment write to info@alvaka.net.

DFARS pre-assessment questionnaire sample questions

Remember, your DFARS deadline is no later than 12/31/2017. Your deadline may be sooner for some of the contractors of Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Textron, General Dynamics and Boeing. Each of these company names are hot links to their specific requirements.