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Alvaka’s Dharma Ransomware Recovery Services are designed to protect your company’s systems from Ransomware and recovery when necessary.
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Maybe you think that you’re not in any danger and that you take all the necessary precautions. Maybe you believe that you’ve educated your employees enough on the risks of random downloads, clicking on unsecured links, and opening strange emails.

Dharma Ransomware Recovery Services

A Dharma Ransomware Attack is a type of ransomware that encrypts nearly every type of file, using registry entries to achieve persistence. Sometimes known as a Crysis attack, Dharma deploys a robust encryption algorithm, applied across all drives, whether removable or fixed. A Trojan delivers the ransomware and then retains information on the number files encrypted, and the computer name. The Trojan then sends this data back to the individual behind the attack. In the aftermath of an RDP-origin attack, Dharma removes security software prior to the ransomware payload.

How Is A Dharma Ransomware Attack Deployed?

Most Dharma Ransomware attacks originate with RDP as the attack trajectory. Improperly secured Remote Desktop Protocol ports are common. This means that Ransomware attackers can easily infiltrate RDP’s or buy stolen credentials on the dark web. RDP’s can also be breached by phishing or by brute-force on port scanning sites.

A certain algorithm is used to encrypt files which is the ‘AES 256’ algorithm. Hackers also use an ‘RSA 1024’ to encrypt the AES key. The procedure begins by encrypting mapped drives, and later moving on to encrypt the OS drive. Most modern businesses allow staff remote network access, and so without the correct precautions, these companies are at risk of a Dharma Ransomware attack.

What Is the Average Recovery Time for A Dharma Ransomware Attack?

Unfortunately, these attacks usually have a longer recovery time when compared with other ransomware attacks. In the later stages of the attack, once hackers provide a decryption tool, the process of using it can be rather lengthy and complicated. It is difficult to put an exact time frame on recovery. In most cases, a full recovery could take weeks. However, using Dharma Ransomware Recovery Services, the recovery timeframe can be reduced significantly.

How Can I Spot Dharma Ransomware?

In most cases, a Dharma Ransomware attack uses a ransom note following one of two types. You can spot the presence of a Dharma Ransomware attack with a plain text ransom note or a multi-colored note. In some cases, however, the attacker leaves behind no ransom note at all. The multicolored note follows four different sections, and it is most often this type of note which is used. Section one includes a statement explaining that the data is now encrypted. Section two tells the victim that the attacker will decrypt one file. This action provides evidence that all files can and will be decrypted (once the victim pays the ransom). Section three tells the individual how to obtain the correct cryptocurrency with which to pay. The final section offers advice on what not to do from here.

Should I Follow the Ransom Note Advice?

Strangely enough, some of the section four info may help you to protect your files. For instance, victims are often advised not to attempt to decrypt their files with third-party software. At present, such advice should be adhered to. This is because new versions of Dharma cannot (currently) be successfully decrypted using third-party software. Attempts to do so may result in irreversible damage to your files.

How Does A Dharma Ransomware Decryptor Tool Work?

If a victim pays a hacker, they will receive a decryptor tool that they can use to decrypt their files. After downloading the tool, individuals will usually need to run the tool as a scan, along with following given instructions from the hacker. Once the computer has been scanned, the device will present a scan key which will be sent to the hacker. From here, a decryption key will be sent back, which is unique to that scan key. Next, victims can click ‘decrypt’, and begin the initial process of retrieving their files. The ongoing process of decryption is not always straightforward. It can be beneficial to use a Dharma Ransomware Removal service for support.

Why Choose Alvaka?

At Alvaka , we are confident that our Dharma Ransomware Removal services can help your company recover from an attack quickly and efficiently. We have a wealth of experience in protecting companies from Ransomware attacks, saving them money, valuable data, and significantly reducing downtime. Alvaka can help to educate your business about how to prevent an attack, plus monitor your system as a prevention tactic. We can provide detailed assessments of your network to expose and correct weaknesses. Alvaka can help your business through each stage of a Ransomware attack, including Ransomware identification, negotiations, file decryption, and post-attack support. We can assess both risks and potential results, helping your business to get back on your feet fast.

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