Irvine, CA – Even the biggest of the antivirus software vendors are beginning to give up the fight against malware. The traditional ways of fighting just don’t work anymore. It is too reactive and labor intensive… not to mention just inherently flawed at this point. If you have been to our lunch and learns the past couple of years you know that at Alvaka Networks we down-play significantly the role and importance of firewalls and AV software. Sure you need them, but oftentimes users rely on those two tactics at the neglect of other often more important and effective solutions. If you want a comprehensive solution based upon tools you likely already own you should read this – What 12 Security Things Should I Focus on to Be Defensible in 2016? These are just as valid for 2017.

What is the breaking news on the demise of antivirus software as we know it? Well, it simply does not work well today and in the future. Here is a link to Meet the $1 Billion Startup Busting Cybersecurity’s Greatest Myth, a story about Stuart McClure, the CTO of McAfee, who has started Cylance to create a new way to fight malware. CrowdStrike is another company started by George Kurtz who also has a strong resume’ in fighting malware. Both these up-and-coming stalwarts are based in Irvine, CA and have investments in the hundreds of millions. It is interesting that the city of Irvine is ground zero for the reinvention of network security. Another good company is Webroot, as are a couple other companies I cannot mention, yet.

The bottom-line is that the fight against AV is changing and you need to be ready as that comes down the road soon.