Irvine, CA – I have become somewhat enamored by the LifeLock commercial titled, “Fix it.” In that commercial, bank robbers come storming into a bank breaking a display and yelling, “Everybody on the floor.” As everyone hits the floor a man in a security uniform remains standing and one of the customers whispers, “Do something!” He replies, “Oh, I’m not a security guard. I’m a security monitor. I only notify people if there is a robbery.” After a brief glance around he passively says, “There’s a robbery.” The commercial narrator then says, “Why monitor a problem if you don’t fix it?”

We have watched that commercial a few times at Alvaka Networks and we chuckle in agreement. That is because nearly all of our competitors boldly state they monitor your systems 24×7, but by 6 PM all the staff goes home and they do not return until 8 AM the next morning. Unless they have dedicated staff sitting at monitoring consoles during the day, which many don’t AND during the evening they are not catching your critical events in a timely manner. When something does happen, they are not even awake to lend a hand and solve the problem for you. You users will be reporting the problems when they try to start work. That is the Alvaka Networks difference. As our name means in Icelandic, we are always awake and ever vigilant.

Alvaka Networks is staffed by US personnel 24 hours per day, seven days per week and 365 days per year. Not everyone needs that kind of vigilance, but if you do Alvaka Networks is on the very short list of those who can deliver.