I don’t normally give a moments notice to stuff that goes on in Hollywood, but the story “Future of Sony’s Amy Pascal questioned after hacked email revelations” caught my attention because of the cyber security aspect involved.  So often I hear executives say something similar to “I don’t worry about our security because we don’t have anything anyone would want to hack into.”

That complacent assessment is wrong as most everyone knows since today nearly all hacking/security breach incidents are the result of indiscriminate malware that scans the Internet searching for vulnerable systems.  When that malware finds a vulnerable system most of them run automated code that looks for passwords, bank account information, encrypts data for ransom, etc.

In this particular case a ton of data was stolen and released.  The implication for Sony Pictures Co-Chairman is that her personal e-mails were released.  Now those seemingly innocuous messages are creating a storm that might cost her the chairmanship position and one of the most prestigious firms.  I can say with confidence when she wrote those messages she had no idea that they would be stolen and that they would turn out to be so controversial.

Make sure you protect yourself.  You can read the whole story HERE.  

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