If you have just gotten ransomware, check out this new webpage with a list of new ransomware Decryption Tools. Not all ransomware can be decrypted, but if you find you have:

1.       WildFire Decryptor

2.       Chimera Decryptor

3.       Teslacrypt Decryptor

4.       Shade Decryptor

5.       CoinVault Decryptor

6.       Rannoh Decryptor

7.       Rakhni Decryptor

Regretfully most ransomware does not have a publicly available decryption tool available to avoid paying the ransom. Unless you have a really good proven and tested backup you can restore from you only option is to pay the ransom or forsake your data if the decryptor is not listed here.

Here are some links from Alvaka on how to best avoid getting ransomware (again).

·         Ransomware Prevention White Paper

·         Ransomware and Phishing Awareness Training for your end-users


Click Here for a download of the Decryption Tools