Newport Beach, CA – This morning on the way to the office I was listening to Bill Handel’s broadcast on KFI640 AM.  This morning he did another one of his Success from Scratch segments that feature somebody that created success from nearly nothing.  They are always good stories.

This morning’s story was an exception beyond compare.  I don’t normally share stories that I find touching and inspiring as I feel like they are just “feel good” stories that while interesting it is not necessarily worthy of the time of others.  But this morning was different.

The story is of Richard Montanez, the son of a Latino grape picker who was the son of a grape picker from a small town near Ontario, CA that I never heard of.  Richard dropped out of school in sixth grade and he figured he too would pick grapes, but he had a revelation that turned into a revolution.  The story is compellingly inspirational where trust, naiveté’, passion and unearthed talent all converge to create opportunity.  The story is of a CEO who broadcast a message that was one he really meant and not just a hollow executive proclamation of whatever business trend is du jour.

At this Bill Handel Success from Scratch link is a compelling set of three broadcast segments that are six plus minutes each.  If you are aspiring in the workplace from the bottom or the top or somewhere in the middle, this is a must share experience.  I assure you. Please share your thoughts and comments.