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Alvaka’s SamSam Ransomware Recovery Services are designed to help companies recover from ransomware attacks and protect your systems from future attacks.
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Maybe you think that you’re not in any danger and that you take all the necessary precautions. Maybe you believe that you’ve educated your employees enough on the risks of random downloads, clicking on unsecured links, and opening strange emails.

SamSam Ransomware Recovery Services

When it comes to cyberattacks, ransomware is one of the most vicious hacks that a criminal has in their arsenal. The cruel notion of taking someone’s data and personal belongings and holding them to ransom over a digital system is one that should strike fear into any innocent technology user.

Here, we’ll let you know about a kind of ransomware, named SamSam ransomware, that many cybercriminals utilize, and how Alvaka will be able to help you should you ever come into that kind of trouble in the future.

So, What Actually Is SamSam Ransomware?

SamSam is different from typical ransomware as it stays inside a system and spies for a while without being spotted or detected. During that time, the ransomware is mapping out your entire network architecture so that it can encrypt every single possible file. The malicious software will slowly make its way through a vulnerable system using brute-force tactics and later make it next to impossible for the victim to access any of their own private info and data. The cybercriminals will then want a ransom – usually money. These criminals are known for hacking large businesses that will provide them with lots of money, but they also target smaller businesses, too.

Victims will know when they have been infiltrated as notice will be left behind for them to see. The notice will include information and instructions on how to obtain cryptocurrency in order to pay the requested ransom.

How Does SamSam Ransomware Impact Victims?

If the victim is not protected enough, the cybercriminals will be able to infiltrate a lot more, meaning they are even more likely to be successful in their theft. A user’s entire funds can be drained if they are not careful. There have been many, many cases of SamSam ransomware attacks in recent years, and millions of dollars have been stolen. The USA experienced this badly in 2018 as the first quarter, nearly a dozen healthcare organizations were targeted. The city of Atlanta also lost over seven million dollars, according to reports.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a SamSam Ransomware Attack?

While being attacked in this manner is far from ideal, the process is usually a quick one due to the way in which the cybercriminals operate. Your system can be back up and running fairly quickly, but your other aspects depend on how heavy you are hit, of course.

What Can We Do to Help?

We will work hard for you. We will protect you from losing money, information, and time. We will watch over your systems and detect any threats. We will educate you and your team on how to take the right steps going forward.

We have a high-trained and experienced team ready to get you out of any mess you may have found yourself in. We will be on the pulse with as much support as we can possibly provide. We feel it is our duty to not only return to you what is rightfully yours but also take the appropriate steps to stop anything similar from happening ever again.

How Can Further Attacks Be Prevented?

The best way is to get in touch with a firm like Alvaka and let us work together with you. As mentioned before, we have a trained and experienced group, so we know how to deal with such attacks. Purchasing the appropriate defense software is also key in stopping hackers from infiltrating your system(s) going forward.

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