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Alvaka’s Squirrelwaffle Malware Removal Services are designed to help companies recover from malware attacks and protect your systems from future attacks.
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As of September 2021, Squirrelwaffle is a new form of malware designed to drop other forms of malware such as Cobalt Strike and Qakbot via spam email.

Squirrelwaffle Malware Removal Services

Alvaka is one of the first firms to be involved in the removal of Squirrelwaffle malware, although credit for its discovery goes to Cisco Talos. If you need emergency assistance to get Squirrelwaffle removed, please contact us 24×7, 365 days a year, via phone, web form or chat.

What is Squirrelwaffle Malware and How Does It Work?

Squirrelwaffle sends emails to people on your recent email’s contact list with a link to malicious ZIP and document files. Bleeping Computer has an excellent document that has the best details explaining what Squirrelwaffle is all about. What is somewhat unique and clever about Squirrelwaffle, is that it exploits vulnerabilities in order to send malicious replies to an existing email thread. So even in a company where employees are properly trained and aware, they are less likely to be suspicious of a link or file that has been sent in a current email thread from what appears to be someone they trust. Since the bad actor has access to the thread, they can shape their message to fit the context of the ongoing conversation, which is why these types of attack campaigns are successful.

It is important to note that if you have Squirrelwaffle, your network has been compromised and just fixing the email sending problem is not enough. It is highly likely that you have other cyber breach risks within your system and a thorough check is prudent. If you need help with removal and inspection of your network, call us at any hour of the day and we can get you the assistance you need.

What to Do If You’ve Been Infected with Squirrelwaffle Malware

If you believe you’ve been infected with Squirrelwaffle malware, disconnect all compromised systems from the network and avoid any communications with the bad actors. Determine if you have cyber breach insurance, as this insurance allows you to transfer the cost of a breach. Call us immediately at (949) 428-5001..we are available 24x7x365.

If you have not been hit with Squirrelwaffle malware but want to learn how to best protect yourself against this vicious malware, we can also help. Some important steps you can take are patching your systems (and doing so frequently), implementing security awareness user training, enabling strong email spam filters, employing multi-factor authentication, using an endpoint detection and response product, and much more.

If you’re the victim of an attack, contact us today at (949) 428-5001!

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