Irvine, CA – We are almost completely packed up. The old offices are decimated. Some don’t have a place to work right now. At 2 PM we shut down completely, except for the 24×7 NOC. That team has a whole special plan of their own. That cut-over will only take about five minutes.

The movers are here getting ready to load the truck. There are furious last minute finishing touches going on at the new office. By tomorrow all of our assets should be delivered. We then have the arduous task of unpacking and getting ready to be in full production on Tuesday at 7 AM.

When I was there last night there was a cleaning crew cleaning up after the construction crews were gone.

We decided to go a bit edgy with the routing closet that connects us to our datacenter down the street. The new door going on will have a glass insert so we can see the blinking lights. A look down the hallway you can see the cleaning crew is still at work. It is hard to see, but we put a glass partition in the lobby. The glass doors are not on, yet, until we move in the furniture, but the doors will have card key controlled magnetic locks for improved security. The NOC is ready for the new furniture and mounting of the display wall. Extra accent lighting going into the conference room. Unnar’s new office is almost done