Important Questions and Answers about DRworx

DRworx solution is a backup, recovery, and virtualization software developed for the protection of your business. Click here to learn more about DRworx or by reading our responses to questions below.Are Alvaka DRworx cloud backups stored off-site and where?Yes, the [...]

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Some Good Questions and Answers on Backup and Disaster Recovery

1. Where should small businesses start with disaster recovery, whether or not they already have a DR plan in place? What is the first question the small business owner needs to ask?

I recommend starting with determining RTO and RPO.  If the small business owner starts here he or she will be off to a good start with the DR plan.  What are RTO and RPO?

         RTO – Recovery Time Objective, the time between the disaster and when the system has been made operational again.  Why is this important?  Different businesses have different costs associated with

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What is Recovery Time Objective?

If your system breaks, how long do you want to be down?  How soon do you need your system back up and running?  Whether it is a week, a day, an hour or one minute, whatever time you establish, that is your RTO or Recovery Time Objective.  Think about what your business needs and you can come up with one component of disaster recovery/business continuity planning, your RTO.  Next up, you need to start thinking about your Recovery Point Objective.

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